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Team Specimen Tackle at the Bushveld Bonanza (Roodekoppies)

Trip report from the Specimen Tackle team:

Team Specimen Tackle, Andrew Burger and Tokkie Burger, decided to fish the Bushveld Bonanza held at Roodekoppies Hengeloord the past weekend. Due to late decision to participate in the comp, we where left with only 3 pegs to choose from, peg 17 was our choice.

Both of us have never fished the specific peg and we knew it sure was going to be a challenge.

On arrival camp was set up and it was time to do profiling of the area. An area was found of 15m by 30m with the prime firm bottom (those that know Roodekoppies that its a rare find) with very thin layer of silt at the back end of the area just before the river bed.

Since it was a competition and knew lots of feed was to be put in the water by fellow anglers it was decided to only feed the area with 4kg of feed widely spread just to active the swim. Feed consisting of maize, hemp, and buckwheat.

Rig baits used was tigers critically balanced with a fake maize topper and popups on a Spinner and KD rig. Mousetrap method was used just it add some feed in the swim and attract fish to the rigs.

30+ carp were caught over the weekend with sizes ranging from 7kg to 13kg, unfortunately the target size of 15kg+ evaded the rigs but was an active session nonetheless.

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  1. Well done Guys

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