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Kameeldrift Resort – Catch Report (Roodekoppies dam) by Gavin Deas

Kameeldrift Resort (11-13 November 2022) – Catch Report:

Good day all

I went to the Kameeldrift Resort at Roodekoppies dam on the weekend of 11 to 13 November for some carp fishing. There was a lot of rain the weekend which we expected and were prepared for.

We started feeding on Friday morning from about 11:00 and used equal volumes of maize, hemp, buckwheat and a small amount of tiger nuts, all of these supplied by Louis Brits from Specimen Tackle in Rustenburg. I live in Secunda, and I always have speedy deliveries by Louis and his team.

We also used homemade boilies, thanks to Dirk and his family, Berry Blaze (GT Premium Baits), Tjop Tjop (Supercast) and Pandemonium (Supercast). 

We were on the far left of the Kameeldrift Resort and fed in the Dennekruin direction towards the chalets at 120m @4.4m deep. We also fed close to the bank at 30m @2.6m deep. We used one of Dwayne van den Berg’s 2.8m Specimen Inflatables with an electric trolling motor. We used sweet flavours, pineapple and other fruity flavours as well as our homemade boilies, thinking that the barbel would not be interested, but we caught a couple. I think we need to fine tune our feed mix, the choice was ours to feed equal volumes.

I have a special liking for mulberry and that’s what I caught my 12.5kg female carp with on Sunday morning early, 05:30. Small presentation of a peeled mulberry tiger with a small fluoro mulberry popup (10mm). Dipped in Berry Blaze (GT Premium Baits).

The rigs we used were over the counter spliced braid leaders with hybrid lead clips using 4-6oz leads (I prefer 6oz). I used hair rigs made by Willie Jacobs from Rigtech, one of his D-Rigs did the trick. We used Ronnies (Spinner rigs) for a raised presentation which didn’t work for our location that weekend. The best balance with the bait raised and the hook lying flat.

Gavin Deas

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