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FK SPECIMEN Comp – Catch Report (Roodekoppies)

FK SPECIMEN Comp (4-6 November 2022) – Catch Report:

Team Specimen Tackle with anglers Andrew, Burger Corne Claasen and Donovan Pieters entered the 3rd FK SPECIMEN comp held at Roodekoppies dam.

With a lot of rain before the comp, fish started to spawn again and we knew conditions were going to be tough, we need to make sure that we had our ducks in a row.

Due to work reasons we had to ask for a non present peg draw and peg 34 on Motse-Motala was our destination for the comp which is known to be a tough area to fish.

After arriving 18h00 at the peg after the comp started at 13h00 and fish have already been landed across pegs at Water affairs we knew we are already on the back foot. After a quick scan with the fish finder on the swim we drop lines for the night, we had a quick discussion among ourselves on how we were to approach the rest of the weekend. After deciding to go out early the next morning and feed an area, we were caught off guard with very thick mist across the dam, which made it very difficult. We had to wait till 08h20 before the sun pushed away the mist, we knew pressure was now on the local an area as time was starting to run out.

I went out found a very good area just before the drop-off to the river which was nice and firm at 6.8m deep.

I fed the area with a mix of maize, hemp, and buckwheat dropped the lines again on that area.

At 12h00 we had our first run which landed us a 8.8kg and our first weigher, 10 minutes later a second run with our largest of the comp at 12.42kg. Redropping the lines and thatch when chaos started.

The swim came alive! We were struggling to keep our lines it at some stages. Our 3rd fish came in at 8.3kg and with in a space of 60min we landed 2 more fish, weighing in at 12.02kg and 12.15kg which meant we had a total weight of 36.59kg and fish when quite as a storm was brewing and forced the comp to be suspended due to lightning in the area.


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