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Our New Online Store is now live!

We are almost launching a new Specimen Tackle online shopping experience from beginning to end at 1pm on Friday, 2 September 2022! At Specimen Specimen we believe specimen angling is a way of life and we aim to extend this philosophy through our new online store.

Although our team has worked incredible hard to ensure you the best possible online shopping experience, please bear with us during this very busy launch period as we might experience some technical launch issues. Thank you in advance and happy specimen angling shopping!


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    1. Howzit.

      1. Hi Ryan

        Thank you for your support and consistent support.

    2. Great shop, great service
      Never disappointed

      1. Thank you Lambert Fick and Congratulations on your newborn

  2. Nice Site can’t wait for payday

    1. Thank you Etienne.

      Can’t wait to send your next order out

  3. Best shop out with the extremely helpful and patient person at the helm. Thanks for everything Louis!

    1. Thank you for your kind words JP.

      Always a pleasure having you in our shop.

  4. Ek is mal oor die online shop en die produkte wat beskikbaar is.
    Goeie werk,nou kan ons sit en 😁 terwyl ons ook inkopies doe.

    1. Thank you for your friendship and constant support.

  5. Hi Louise 👋🤣

  6. Great looking site,very easy to.use

    1. Thanks You Daylen Walker

      Hope to send your next order soon

  7. Thanks for the great and friendly service. Cant wait for the fox range products to be featured on the site

    1. Thank you Andrew

      We are consistently growing our offerings to our customers.

      We will one day be able to assist you with Fox

  8. Good evening Louis hope all is well! Regards shane

    1. Hi Shane

      Hope you well buddy

  9. Verseker die beste winkel met die beste pryse. Ek kan shop in die gemak van my eie huis en steeds beste diens kry.

    1. Dankie Maat ek wardeer jou hulp in Bloemfontein.

      Waneer stuur ek die volgende order

  10. Die website is awesome Louis. Wens julle net alle sukses vorentoe. Specimen Tackle jou LEKKER DING !!!

  11. Awesome site en shop. Dankie Louis vir jou goeie diens

    1. Dankie Johan

      Dankie vir jou ondersteuning en Bakers Bins se bydra altyd

  12. Everything is good, when I search for something it comes up

    1. Hi Jayden Thank you for comment

  13. Awesome site en shop. Dankie Louis

  14. Good evening Louis

  15. Die website lyk goed!

  16. Dankie Niel.

    Hoop om binne kort jou volgende order te stuur.

  17. Perrrffffecttt😁😁

  18. Great site, awsome shop
    Never disappointed

  19. Specimen tackle jou lekka ding!!!!

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